Jofit Up to 60% off- US Customers

Benefits of ordering from the USA from Golf Anything Canada 

  1. Save almost another 20% just on the dollar conversion because the US Dollar is worth about $1.25 Canadian. For Example if your order is $100 less your 30% Coupon that brings your order to $70 Canadian, it converts to about $56 USD, that's a BIG SAVINGS

  2. NO TAXES There are no duties or taxes when shipping orders to the USA

  3. FLAT FEE SHIPPING - $18 Canadian ($14 USD) for as many items as you want

  4. FAST SHIPPING - we ship with the Post Office- Most USA orders will ship through the Post office which then gets sent via Priority Mail so it is a 2-4 day service depending on where you live in the USA

  5. GREAT SIZES - We have very good sizes available

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