The Fitness Doctor Series - Becoming a Better Golfer

EPISODE 3 - Becoming an Athletic Golfer Past The Age of 50

Continuing to help you become an athletic golfer regardless of your current fitness level.  
Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect hip exercise routine?   A hip exercise routine that would make you more mobile and youthful while greatly improving your body for golf?   Consider what that could do for your body and your golf game.     
Find out by watching today's segment!

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Professional Golfers know their body better than we do. We've brought you the Fitness Doctor to give you those same pro skills!

This video will help you be in tune with your body, making you a much better golfer.
One of the biggest disconnects between being a great golfer or a great athlete of any type is your ability to be fully in tune with your body motion.
This athletic fine tuning between your brain and body is called proprioception and is the missing link keeping you from being an even better golfer.
The greatest athletes like Jon Rahm and Tom Brady have extraordinary proprioception and that is what makes them the athletes they are.  


We have brought in The Fitness Doctor to help make you a better golfer!

This video will help you improve the most crucial asset you have when it comes to your golf game. When it comes to being a better golfer we want you to have the very best instruction in the world. Before you think about golf swing mechanics there is something even more important than that. That is your body alignment!  In this video we help you dive into this subject with immediate take aways to improve your next golf outing, enjoy!

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