Iliac Torrey Waterproof Rain Pants - Pearl


Design: Your caddy won't notice the Torrey outerwear that has earned a permanent place in your golf bag because it is so light weight. Weighing in at a mere 120 grams The Torrey will be the most reliable equipment in your bag. Unbelievably lightweight and packable seam-sealed and waterproof breathable with stretch. You will hardly notice you are wearing it. Materials: The Torrey collection is our lightest-weight waterproof offering and features our Feather Stretch fabric. This sturdy lightweight fabric is remarkably breathable and provides six-hour waterproof and 100% windproof protection for the life of the garment. Four- Way Stretch fabric is hunting quiet and provides complete ease of movement without excess weight or bulk. Our competitors said it couldn't be done. They just didn't try hard enough Probably the best piece I have ever designed. Thanks Mike Benning and my PGA Tour staff for all your help with this one! Bert