Duca Del Cosma

Duca Del Cosma

The #1 Reason Golfers Don't Improve

I don't know why this isn't talked about more as it impacts 78% of weekly golfers. But the main thing holding us back is actually our shoes. The foundation of our feet within our shoes, and ultimately to the grass is what impacts how the ball takes flight, how steady our putts are, and ultimately how low our handicap is.

We searched everywhere, had meetings with all of our golf professionals, and even tested out many different shoe brands.

What we found is that the highest quality golf shoes are handmade and come out of Italy. Duca Del Cosma is the preferred brand, and they have always been at the top of the game in craftsmanship, performance, and technology.

Years ago, they were the first to create the spikeless golf shoe, and then the rest of the world followed.

They remain at the forefront of the golf shoe industry as everyone else follows their lead.

If you are tired of your handicap being stagnant, or even worse, going up, then it is time to upgrade your shoes. I found you the best model from Duca Del Cosma and got you a special limited-time deal.

I tested out this model myself, wearing it while I walked over 17 miles in three days, and also during multiple rounds.

My feet have never been so comfortable and pain-free in a new pair of golf shoes.


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