Q & A

How long will my membership last?

The Golf Anything Preferred Membership lasts 1 year from the time of purchase.


What do I get Free Shipping on?

You will get free shipping on all of your orders placed on for the duration of your Preferred Membership.


Do I get Free Returns?

You certainly do get Free Returns! Please select the store credit option when prompted to receive a shipping label free of charge to send back your items.


Are there any limits on how many orders I can place with Free Shipping?

Absolutely not! You can use your membership as frequently as you would like with no limits. 


Can I use the Membership on Golf Anything USA?

Unfortunately, memberships are not transferrable between the Canadian and USA websites at this time. 


Can I use the Membership for SampleHaus?

Orders from SampleHaus are not eligible for free shipping.


Does the Membership renew automatically?

Yes, the membership will renew automatically at the one year mark. However, you will be sent emails leading up to the date of renewal so that you may cancel if you wish.


Can I cancel and refund my membership?

If the membership has been used to get free shipping on an order it cannot be refunded. If you wish to cancel your membership please email us at before placing an order.


More Questions? Please reach out to us directly at