You ever feel like you're paying to much!

Do you ever feel like you're paying to much for stuff. Yes the feeling that you know that something is way over priced, it just doesn't seem right but sometimes you have no choice. Well two categories come to mind. One is eyewear and the other is Mattresses.

If you like me that needs eyeglasses, i have paid anywhere from $400 to $800 for pair with scratch proof, non glare, cryzal lenses. And the worst is the frame $300-600 just for a frame. Makes we wonder how can they charge that kind of money for just a frame. Especially when you look at it and you can't see the value. It just annoys me. 

Until a company like Warby Parker came along and disrupted that market - if you haven't heard of them, I strongly suggest to check them out.

Here is my story. After noticing them for a year or so online, i visited them online and the pricing looked really good but since i couldn't physically touch or feel the glasses and how they fit on me i decided to pass. However recently they opened a store close to me, so my curiosity was high with no expectations, they had all the frames nicely displayed and the serviece was great. Needless to say I ended up buying a pair of glasses for under $200 with prescription lenses. There are no choices for lenses they include the non glare, scratch proof etc and comes with a one year guarantee. It took about a week to get them and when they came in they adjusted them to fit my big head. I cant begin to tell you how impresssed I was - it was a feeling that someone out there cares about the consumer to give great value for your hard earned money. Story gets better, a few months after having them ( i am hard on my glasses) I went back to get the frames re adjusted and while in there store I noticed some scratches on the lenses. Well they just re ordered another set of lenses with no questions asked. Man it is an awesome feeling.

The second category is Mattresses - My wife an I were in need of another mattress and so it goes mattress store to mattress store testing, feeling to see which one fit our needs. If you thought that going to buy a new car is a bad experience the sales people at the mattress stores must have taken the same class. Pressure sales tactics are not for me. 

But worse than that was the prices $3,000-$10,000. Are these companies out of their minds.  So i decided to do some research. I had heard that there were new online companies that were manufacturing and selling direct to consumer. Well we come to find out that there are a handful of companies. Doing some due diligence we narrowed it down to two companies, Tuft and Needle and Casper. T&N had a location near us so we went to check it out. It was busy and it was a 45 minute wait to test a mattress. They had this cool contemporary loft look to it with 4 rooms, each had barn doors and inside each room was a bedroom setup. The rooms allowed you to have some privacy to test them out. ( no pushy sales people) The staff was not there to sell us anything they were there to assist us with any questions. My god we couldn't believe how good the product was and we bought a king size mattress for $750 US with Free Delivery the next day. The mattress came in this compact box in a vacuum sealed bag. Well we were eager to set it up and to have our first night sleep on it. All I can say is wow. 

I just find it absolutely amazing that these disrupters found a way to bring exceptional value to the consumers.  Another great example is UBER. In my opinion as a consumer we just get tired of the feeling of getting ripped off. 

Thank you Disrupters - all of you.

I will leave you with this. I don't mind spending money i just hate squandering it.  


I would love to hear from anyone who has had an experience like this and with which companies or industry.


Ecco Mens Event 416 - Preview

Event starts Friday April 15 at 7am

We are excited to announce that we signed an exclusive deal with ecco for these styles. We purchased all the remaining stock they had in these styles which allows us to have the best prices online within Canada Guranteed.

Free Standard Shipping - anywhere in Canada

We are committed to finding the best products at the best prices to support our Canadian Golf Community.

We hope you enjoy the event and we welcome any feedback.

About Gore-Tex and why its used in Galvin Green Rain Gear

Bob Gore - Inventor

The man who keeps us dry in rain and snow without overheating. Gore's discovery of his eponymous waterproof-breathable shell material is part of outdoor legend: In 1969 , at 32, he was a chemical engineer whose family business, W.L. Gore and Associates, developed technological applications for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) also known as Teflon. Gore was working late at the lab, trying to extend the surface area of heated rods of PTFE. Light pulling didn't work, so he gave the Teflon a hard tug. It stretched out rapidly, extending into a tough, film-like surface that water couldn't pass through but water vapor could. Voila: Gore-Tex, the first waterproof membrane, which Gore patented in 1976. Soon after, Gore succeeded his father, Bill Gore, as CEO running a company that was relaxed on the inside but tough on the outsiders, demanding that those who using its materials adhere to strict standards. some have accused Gore for bullying brands that use competitors waterproof-breathable fabrics,but Gore-Tex remains the dominant - and most trusted shell in existence.

Galvin Green Rain Gear and Gore-Tex

Galvin Green's rain gear is by far the ultimate. Gore-Tex does not allow water to pass through but water vapor can making it breathable and it's thin film makes a garment light weight and that's what you want in golf rain gear


Dunning Polos - Pique vs Jersey Fabrics

At Golf Anything Canada we love the Dunning Brand - Ralph Dunning is one of the most passionate individuals i have met about the Dunning Brand. The product is truly amazing due to its fabrication, and technology. Dunning's timeless designs makes it a go to staple in your wardrobe.

The Jersey fabric was designed not just for performance, but also for players who do not feel comfortable in lightweight technical fabrics. The heavier fabric will drape properly on all gentlemen and will perform in any conditions. It also offers four-way stretch for incredible playability and freedom of movement.

The Pique fabric from Dunning is new and revolutionary. Featuring mechanical stretch and an ultra-soft hand feel, this luxurious fabric has excellent color fastness and the highest breathability, so it keeps the contact surface of the skin dry. Offered in a classic weight, the stretch pique is the most versatile for both on and off the course.




Galvin Green has become the Official Team Supplier of Outerwear to the 2016 and 2018 European Ryder Cup Teams.

It has been selected to supply its premium waterproofs to the 12 team members representing Europe at Hazeltine National in Minnesota next year (27 Sept- 2 Oct), with the same garments being worn by Team Captain Darren Clarke, his Vice Captains and caddies. The waterproofs will also be supplied to the European Team for the 2018 Ryder Cup matches scheduled to be played at Le Golf National near Paris.

“Galvin Green waterproofs keep you dry, look the part and, because they’re lightweight, are also very comfortable to wear, so they tick all the boxes for me,” said Clarke.

“I’m delighted they’ve come on board as an Official Team Supplier, I’m sure the players will be just as delighted when they get kitted out next September.”

Mike Johnson-Hill, Managing Director of Galvin Green UK & Ireland said: “We are extremely proud that Galvin Green has been selected to provide outerwear clothing to Europe’s finest players competing in the biggest team event in golf.

“As a leading European brand that is entirely dedicated to golf, we value this new association a great deal and intend to give Europe’s players the most outstanding waterproof garments that new technology will allow.”

Galvin Green has also retained the License for producing a dedicated Ryder Cup collection for regular golfers that it introduced with great success ahead of Europe’s triumph at Gleneagles last year. The new collection is scheduled to be launched before the 2018 event in France, when The Ryder Cup returns to Continental Europe for the first time in 21 years.


Galvin Green Gortex Rain Jacket

Over the years of searching for Rain Jackets either Gortex or non Gortex there is nothing that comes close to Galvin Green in my opinion. Besides the design, fashion, the functionality is bullet proof against rain. Some of the features i really enjoy is that there is not much bulk so when addressing the ball there is no bulk in the midsection that gets in the way of your swing. The jackets at first seem to be short in the front but thats one of the key reasons is to reduce that bulk in the midsection. Secondly the jacket in the back is longer with a slight curvature to it so it looks balanced and protects the back side when bending over. 

Do you know that since we have been selling them from 2008 we have not had one return for any reason especially for performance.

To create the optimum waterproof golf jacket, you need to strip it down to the bare essentials. Avoid pockets and bulky material hampering the swing.

For example use GORE-TEX® Paclite® Technology for minimum weight and maximum freedom of movement. Extremely lightweight and takes no more space than a few golf balls. Pure art of performance. Designed by golfers, for golfers.



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