Galvin Green Gortex Rain Jacket

Over the years of searching for Rain Jackets either Gortex or non Gortex there is nothing that comes close to Galvin Green in my opinion. Besides the design, fashion, the functionality is bullet proof against rain. Some of the features i really enjoy is that there is not much bulk so when addressing the ball there is no bulk in the midsection that gets in the way of your swing. The jackets at first seem to be short in the front but thats one of the key reasons is to reduce that bulk in the midsection. Secondly the jacket in the back is longer with a slight curvature to it so it looks balanced and protects the back side when bending over. 

Do you know that since we have been selling them from 2008 we have not had one return for any reason especially for performance.

To create the optimum waterproof golf jacket, you need to strip it down to the bare essentials. Avoid pockets and bulky material hampering the swing.

For example use GORE-TEX® Paclite® Technology for minimum weight and maximum freedom of movement. Extremely lightweight and takes no more space than a few golf balls. Pure art of performance. Designed by golfers, for golfers.



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